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Dr. Gassmann

After more than 20 years’ experience as doctors we understand that treating people with chronic illnesses – and fulfilling their desire for wellbeing and good health – is a complex task.

During the past decade we have enhanced our range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures using many, sometimes innovative, methods from integrative medicine to achieve maximum treatment success.

Our commitment – for our patients

We believe that an accurate understanding of the functions of biological systems within the body is the most important prerequisite. Functional disturbances of the immune system, the nervous system, the hormone balance, the microbiota of the intestines, or the mitochondria (the ‘power stations’ of cells) play a major role in the emergence of chronic illnesses.

Deficiencies (of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, etc.), stresses caused by environmental pollutants (e.g. heavy metals) or by chronic infections (e.g. herpes or borrelia) and chronic inflammations (e.g. in the region of the teeth) can cause these functional disturbances. A genetic predisposition is generally not the sole cause of disease. The combination of genetic make-up with the above-mentioned factors, however, determines whether illness occurs, how it progresses, and whether any improvement – or even complete healing – is possible. This opens up many possibilities for improving our state of health, whether regarding screening or for chronically ill patients.

We believe that the strengths of mainstream medicine are to be found in acute situations, though we often exploit proven therapies for chronic illnesses when we consider them necessary. We are pleased that we amassed a wide-ranging wealth of experience in conventional medicine during our extensive clinical training and our work within the statutory health insurance system – and it forms the basis of our current activities.

The focus of integrative medicine, on the other hand, lies in the cause-related treatment of deficiencies and stresses, as well as in the regulation of individual, disease-promoting, functional disturbances. Our experience shows that the suppression of symptoms alone is not helpful in the long term.

But even on the symptom level there are alternatives to conventional medication, offering very good long-term tolerance. We use a wide range of active biological substances and innovative methods in integrative medicine in order to maximise the likelihood of improving your health.

“The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” – in other words, the lack of proof that a particular method works does not prove that it is ineffective. The scientific requirements of evidence-based medicine, upon which conventional medicine is based, are extremely high and the necessary studies are very expensive. Such studies are only financed if sufficient profits can be expected. Active biological substances cannot be patented, so no significant profits can be made with them. The situation regarding therapy methods in physical medicine is similar. The expense of a scientifically recognised proof of efficacy would exceed a producer’s investment capacity. Thus the market determines which studies are carried out and which are not. Many promising approaches therefore remain unavailable to patients. We therefore use therapies and active substances whose effectiveness has been assessed by means of basic research, but which do not yet meet the criteria of evidence-based medicine. In our everyday work, however, we have found that precisely these methods are the key to successful treatments.

“Science creates knowledge not truth.” This statement was made at the 2018 German Cancer Congress in Berlin – and we are in total agreement with it.



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