We are committed to the maintenance of health.

We offer you comprehensive check-up examinations which, in addition to the internal diagnosis, include analysis of the functional capacity of your biological systems, as well as your deficiencies and stresses.

Even if you have few or no symptoms, and no serious diagnosis has yet been made, your biological systems could have deficiencies, stresses or disturbances.

When these have been corrected, your chances of feeling good and living healthily into old age increase considerably.


Chronic stressors are ever-present:

Increased career demands, noise, light, electro-smog, environmental pollutants, as well as sensory overload by media and communication are becoming more and more burdensome and overstress the body’s own regulatory mechanisms.

Stress medicine aims to identify individual stressors and, if possible, eliminate them or, if not possible, increase the body’s resistance to stress.

We offer several therapy methods for this purpose:



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