The field formed by all the electromagnetic energies in the body is called the vital field.

The vital field differs from person to person like a fingerprint because it is affected by a body’s individual properties, stresses and deficiencies.

By the end of the last century, one assumed that the functioning of biological systems could be explained by biochemistry alone. As a result, pharmaceuticals derived from biochemistry have had, and still have, an almost monopolistic status in medical therapy.

Research during recent decades, however, increasingly shows that the flow of information within the cells and between them is much more targeted and rapid that could be explained by biochemical processes (e.g. diffusion) alone. We all know that by using today’s technical possibilities – such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – enormous amounts of data can be transmitted almost instantly with electromagnetic signals.

Modern biophysics examines the extent to which nature uses the potential of electromagnetic waves even more efficiently in our cells to control the intra- and inter-cellular flow of information.

There are currently 12 cancer research centres in the USA that are examining biophysical disturbances in cancer (Physical Science Oncology Centers). From the scientific point-of-view this work has the same status as biochemical research.

The arrangement of the molecules and the functioning of cells in the body depend on electromagnetic fields. Diseased cells transmit changed electromagnetic signals. These deviations from the normal state can be precisely measured with vital field technology (global diagnostics) and specifically influenced with therapy.

Vital field technology covers the entire frequency range of human electrical and electromagnetic vibrations (from 0.001 Hz to 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Hz) and thus has an absolutely prominent position in physical medicine.

Vital field technology is used, among other things, to influence the electromagnetic field of the extracellular matrix, leading to improved communication between the cells and between the organ systems. Energetic blockages between organ systems counteract healing processes and can be successfully dissipated by vital field technology.

One main impact of vital field technology is to increase cell energy, for example by improving mitochondrial function. Parallel to the vital field therapy itself, we support this increase in energy biochemically with infusions (e.g. of amino acids, vitamins and minerals).

Vital field technology also supports the functioning of the excretory and detoxification organs and can therefore contribute towards reducing stress caused by toxins. This is particularly important during cancer therapy because the body is highly stressed as a result of the therapy-related death of tumour cells and due to the toxicity of the cancer medicines themselves.

We also use vital field technology, however, for chronic pain and for many other complaints, such as allergies. It is a good alternative to neural therapy for people with a fear of injections.



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