We are very familiar with the methods of classic oncology due to our former work at the Tumour Biology Center in Freiburg and our regular attendance of training courses.

Cancers are caused by disturbances in cellular regulation, among other things. They require a multimodal therapy concept.

We use promising biological substances, hyperthermia and chemotherapies (low targeted doses) within the framework of integrative oncology.

A comprehensive therapy concept – for maximum success

Since 2012, we have been treating cancer patients at our clinic using the methods of integrative oncology as a complement to classic mainstream medical processes such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, or as an autonomous therapeutic concept.

Gene mutations, epigenetic changes, chronic inflammation (silent inflammation), chronic activation of the stress axes, destroyed immune responses, disturbances of the intestinal microbiome, disturbed detoxification activity, hyperacidity of the extracellular matrix, cellular oxygen deprivation – leading to disruption of energy production, for example, which impairs and amplifies all of these interactively.

We believe that the destruction of cancer cells using chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy alone is insufficient. The development of a cancer is caused by serious disturbances in the function and structure of various biological systems, for example:

There are major differences between the biology of cancer cells and that of healthy cells, resulting in a wide range of therapeutic possibilities. Our clinic’s oncological therapy concept consists of four approaches that complement and interact with one another:



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